Han Ga In And Kim Soo Hyun Kiss Scene

The Moon That Embraces The Sun Kiss Scene

The much talked about kiss scene between Han Ga In and Kim Soo Hyun in “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” was shot after several tries.

Han Ga In could not stop laughing when she was about to be kissed by Kim Soo Hyun. She had to pinch herself to stop her laughing.

Kim Soo Hyun hesitated after Han Ga In stopped laughing. After several NG’s (botching up), it started with a light kiss, but ended with a passionate kiss with the order from the director, Kim Do Hoon.

Both actors were serious during the shoot, but could not hide awkward expressions from their faces after it was all finished. Han Ga In said “I thought I was going to die.”

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  1. Awkward!
    But they are pros.

  2. Ellepop says:

    How funny. I guess it would be pretty hard not to laugh in such an uncomfortable moment! I love them together on this show.

  3. brian91 says:

    Yeah neobeo, this does seem pretty awkward. It is hilarious she had to pinch herself to get through the scene.

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